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Be MOTIVATED to dive into your stash and make a rainbow. MEET modern quilter Carole Lyles Shaw from USA, Donna Ward from NZ, and Cait Lisle from England. MAKE curvy quilts and the cutest little bird pouch.

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More About This Issue

Few things are as universal and timeless as needle and thread, but these days it’s not critical to know how to sew or quilt because we can buy warmth for our families in a store (debatable, I’m sure!). However, for quilters it’s an essential part of our being – and we all know that handmade warmth, with love sewn in, is better! Another wonderful side effect of being a quilter is the automatic camaraderie that comes when you meet another quilter, regardless of where they’re from. The world is now more connected than ever – it doesn’t matter where you live, you can access an infinite amount of information about quilting and chat with quilters all over the world. For us, the digital world has enabled us to work remotely long before working from home and Zoom calls were the norm. The Make Modern team is spread across all corners of Australia, and our contributors come from all over the world. Our subscribers live in over 70 different countries! Take a close look at our pages and you might notice a little change from this issue onwards as we embrace the globalisation of our contributors.

In this issue we MEET three makers – Carole Lyles Shaw from USA, Donna Ward from New Zealand and Cait Lisle from England; we MAKE that stunning curvy cover quilt from Germany, a Bear Paw quilt from Jersey near France (I’ll admit I had to look this country up!), the cutest little bird pouch from Russia, as well as quilts from India, Ireland, and the USA!; and we MOTIVATE readers to dive into their fabric stashes to create a rainbow and learn about colour theory with a brand new six-part series on Colour Theory! We bring you tips and tricks for making flying geese, discuss modern quilt design, revivals in the fabric world, quilting plans for samplers and other traditional quilts, and continue with our series on Healthy Quilting with magic to avoiding neck pain. Happy quilting, wherever you are in the world!

Make Modern is a digital modern quilt magazine available worldwide. Each magazine is 100+ pages long, jam-packed with modern quilt patterns suitable for beginner quilters to advanced, and articles about modern quilting guaranteed to make you smile, inspire you to quilt outside your comfort zone, and start making modern quilts today. Our beautiful patchwork magazine is published independently by a team of quilters and delivered as a PDF to read on your computer, tablet, or phone, easy to take when you go fabric shopping, with the option to print if you prefer a paper copy. See answers to frequently asked questions, and our refund and returns policy here.

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What People Are Saying About Make Modern

This is a great magazine and there are now loads more items on my "I'm going to make this one day" list. There is also a lot of excellent "how to.." advice.

Super customer friendly subscription service and so completely worth it. This is a source and resource, continual inspiration that will keep your mind creating beyond the norm for years to come. Opening each new issue is like giving yourself a modern, quilted gamut of color burst imagination. Can't recommend it enough!

Really enjoyed this magazine. Layout makes sense to me, and some very doable patterns for all levels, and photography is a treat. 😉🇨🇦

I like the modern take on old blocks, the bright colours used to display the designs used. The reading is interesting and informative and I generally get great ideas for my own quilting journey.

Thank you for the copy of Issue 33. I enjoy your quilts.

I am loving this magazine. Lots of good articles and beautiful quilts. I have found a lot of help from the tips and tricks from other quilt makers. Check them out.

beautiful magazine with excellent articles and easy to follow patterns to make amazing quilts.
The whole team does a fantastic job and the magazine often has very good competitions.
an app would be excellent to keep all copies in one place but this still works well enough.

pattern designs, and info about designer

Fabulous fresh magazine for quilters at all stages.

I love that the magazine comes to me every couple of months and provides inspiration as well as practical tips to make my quilts better.

I enjoy seeing different designer projects and the colors used in the quilts.

Make modern has lots of well thought out patterns and very many articles of interest. There are always projects I want to start right away.

Fun modern quilts and great tips.

Great patterns for the modern quilter.

Each Make Modern Magazine is a beautiful example of modern quilting. I look forward to each one!

A great Quilting Magazine delivered straight to your inbox. Full of inspiration that cannot be surpassed

This magazine is thoughtfully put together, offering new ideas, patterns, and instruction. It’s full of beautiful photos as well.

Make Modern is like a breathe of fresh air. The beautiful photos make me want to make all the projects in each issue.

Beautiful magazine with great patterns and articles! The only downside is that it isn't a paper magazine. ;-)

Make Modern is a wonderful digital magazine for the modern quilter. I love the fresh colors & spectacular articles. You had me at hello!

I love Make Modern Magazine. When it arrives to my inbox each month, I always read it through 'cover' to 'cover'. The multitude of patterns are right there, in each issue, where I will never loose them, as they are kept in a folder on my desktop.

I just bought myself an all access subscription because I have time to read all the issues! And make the quilts! It’s a wonderful happy place to be right right buried in the pages of inspiration 🌈

Beautiful patterns, interesting articles & interviews and always helpful sections on techniques or block types, and fun Q&As too - great value for money

There are so many different types of projects in Make Modern Magazine whether it be cushions, wall hangings or quilts and there are many interesting and informative articles.

I'm a newbie to Make Modern (having only read 2.5 issues so far) but already I'm hooked! I love the friendly easy-to-read style and enjoy all the feature articles as well as all the cool projects. Looking forward to reading the rest of the backissues over the next few months as I should have a bit of spare time!

Great modern quilting magazine

I really like this magazine - I have every issue. It is affordable, modern and has lots of projects from Australia and around the world. I like the fact that it online and paperless, but I can download it to my computer

I love the modern bright quilts & reading the stories of all the contributors to the magazine

Great patterns and designs

Great new ideas. Colourful, bright and modern quilts.

I've seen many of my favorite designers included... I want to follow them & more. "Thank you" Just Subscribed.

Great patterns, advise, look forward to receiving and reading make modern mag with a cup of tea!

Always has a plethora of interesting articles and awesome patterns.

Digitally delivered Make Modern Magazine is chock full of ideas, projects, patterns, and tips! It is written BY actual quilters who know their art. And keeping ALL the magazines doesn’t fill up shelves in your sewing room, so you have more room for fabric.

I love the informative articles. I always find patterns I love and make note of the use of colour for possible future projects.

This amazing magazine is delivered right to my inbox filled with interesting articles and amazing quilt tips and patterns Very inspiring and always a fantastic read

Make Modern inspires me. I learn something in each issue. It is my must read when it arrives.

The projects are always lovely! The articles are interesting and it feels like community!

I'm always excited when the link to the new issue arrives. The magazine is packed with beautiful patterns and interesting articles. I only wish I had enough time to make everything!

Always on time and a great read with a large variety of projects and articles. I look forward to my email telling me it is available.

Make Modern always inspires and delights. Highly recommend it !

I love Make Modern Magazine! I love the fact that it is digital not only because it's ecologically minded, but is Always with me on my Android phone. The quilts are beautiful & inspiring enough to get my quilty juices going. I love to consume the magazine one article at a time & snack on the pictures throughout my week! I also love the giveaway... in each issue, & NOT just because I WON one of them on my birthday last year! I love my Lucky Charms FQ bundle from Figo Fabrics! Thanks again!read more

Oh, wow, the latest edition has so many gorgeous patterns in it! I can't wait to sew up that Cabin Fade!

This fresh new magazine is one to check out. The patterns, simplicity and color are so appealing
To me and my whole family. Individual stories of quilters that are in this publication are so interesting and very like myself in the process of evolving as a quilt artist. You won’t be disappointed with this magazine. I highly recommend it!

I look forward to my issue arriving in the email and enjoy reading all the tips, many thanks!

The inspirational take on quilting!

I LOVE all the modern quilts & patterns! Great photos of the quilts! Very good articles and tips to make us better quilters!

All the projects are so fresh and lively. My kind of colours....

I love Make Modern Magazine, as both a reader and a designer/pattern publisher. I always find inspiration in every issue, it is great value, and the team were really easy to work with when I submitted my own quilt. Great Christmas present for yourself or a craft-loving friend/family member!

At first I thought a digital magazine wouldn’t be my jam... but then I tried make modern magazine and I got hooked!!!! I will soon enter my 3rd year of subscription and with each issue my eyes sparkle!
So many info, tips and beautiful projects... and so many inspiring quilters!!!!!
If you don’t know this magazine... go and order one! And you... know what, you can even directly subscribe for a full year! You won’t regret it!read more

I love this magazine for the following:
-ease of access. I can download to my I pad and read it at my leisure and tag patterns I want to make
-basic skill tutorials
-great patterns at various skill levels
- final and my favorite is that it is International. It includes quilters from all over the world.

Love the inspiration and explanations offered in this magazine! As someone who’s looking to move beyond beginner quilts, the great detail but often simple instructions are a godsend for me. Plus the amazing designs and maker stories offer such insight that my “to make list” is growing with each edition. I don’t get to lessons very often, so this... is such a fabulous ongoing resource for me, with lots of “ah, so that’s how you do it!” moments while reading. Keep it coming more

I have subscribed to this digital magazine for almost 2 years now, and every single issue brings something that sparks my creative interest! You are getting a high quality magazine jam packed (and I mean JAM PACKED!!!!) with projects, and ideas, tips and tricks, and the most gorgeous photographs! Make Modern has inspired several of my recent quilt... creations!read more

I love this magazine. So much inspiration! Can’t get enough of it!

I have been a subscriber for several years. Each magazine is always filled with beautiful projects and great articles.

I absolutely love Make Modern Magazines. The patterns are always fresh and come from a variety of designers from around the world. It has made the world seem so much smaller in the best way possible. I definitely recommend Make Modern Magazine to anyone interested in a fresh spin on quilting!

I've recently purchased the All Access subscription and can't believe it's taken me this long to subscribe.
Great reading and so much inspiration

I love this mag for all the inspiration and interesting articles.

I love the inspiration that I receive from the different quilt patterns!

love the maths page! the charts showing which degree shapes work together for EPP is very helpful!

Awesome inspiration and fabrics.

They have a flair for presenting gorgeous modern quilt projects that are deceptively simple.

Make Modern Magazine is a feast for your quilting eyes. Always jam packed with goodies.

I love the designs and the designers that create the fabulous patterns .
The patterns are easy to follow and understand.

All of it because I read it from cover to cover!

The quilt patterns and color combinations are truly unique and inspiring !

I look forward to every issue of this emagazine. Great eye candy, patterns, and designer insights.
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