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We are so excited to feature Teresa Mairal Barreu a.k.a. TeresaDownUnder of Sewn Up in Make Modern Issue 42. To celebrate our collaboration, we're giving all of you the best introduction to our magazine with a heavily discounted copy of our beautiful magazine featuring our interview with Teresa. Use the code below to get yours for just AU$1 now! (RRP AU$12)

A little about Make Modern

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A sneak peek of our interview with Teresa ... read the full article inside your copy of Issue 42

For Teresa, who is a household name in quilting thanks to her YouTube videos, sewing was in her genes – even though it took her many years to find her way to it. “I have a clear memory while I was growing up of my mother, needle and thread in hand or hunched over an old black peddle-powered Singer sewing machine. She would always be sewing something, whether clothing or embroidery or even mending,” she says of her childhood influences. “I never gave it a second thought, preferring knitting instead. But I trace my connection with quilting to observing my mother at that time.”


Eventually, when time and life permitted, Teresa came to quilting herself. What started as a hobby (and still largely is), became her business through blogging and videography. She elaborates: “I discovered the thrill and joys of quilting in about 2004. Five years later I started my blog and progressively I started to share tutorials of the quilts and other projects I was making. Then in 2015 I thought of making the sort of quilting videos I’d like to watch: short, quick and to the point with the minimum details required to make one single block or learn a technique.”


A pioneer in the quilting video world, Teresa now has a whopping 163,000 YouTube subscribers which has opened up business opportunities for her as well as fulfilling her creatively. Teresa is a well-known quilter, but not for any one particular style – she has an eclectic style that appeals to many quilters.

An Australian, Teresa is currently located in Rabat, Morocco, with her husband, which is a great source of inspiration for her. For Teresa, quilting – and her videos about quilting – are the way she shares her creative story with the world. But for the most part, Teresa is a quilter who is doing what she loves, at her own pace. 


Find Teresa on YouTube as TeresaDownUnder or on socials as @teresadownunder, or visit her website at teresadownunder.com

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