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Pattern Gallery


Be inspired. Find your missing sewjo. Easily search for a particular pattern and find the issue it was published in. 

Our pattern gallery contains a photo from each pattern published in Make Modern. Click the photo to see which issue that modern quilt pattern was featured in and, if you haven't already got a copy, purchase it from our shop. Each issue contains 10-14 full modern quilt patterns and is bursting with modern quilt ideas and inspiration. If you're having trouble choosing a project, subscribe to our All Access Subscription and get instant access to our entire catalogue of over 450 modern quilt patterns! Hundreds of easy modern quilt patterns for beginners, and plenty of modern quilt design ideas to suit all quilting abilities. 

Dandy Whirl by Sarah J Maxwell
Candy Drops by Sheila Christensen
Pinwheel Pin Up by Vicki Ruebel
Machine Cover by Carlie Lincoln
Up and Away by Jane Kelly
Donut Love by Tania Denyer
Glitter Star Cushion by Emily Lang
Half Circle Mirror by Cheryl Brickey
Pretty Fly by Kathy Thorncraft
Blue Jean Baby by Lara Motta
To The Stars by Kristy Lea
Tablet Cosy by Tricia Mathis
Lover's Knot by Heather Seminelli
Ring Road by Stacey O'Malley
Spring Blossoms by Melissa Dunworth
Shattered Cushion by Susan Bolte
Scrappy Star by Leanne Benson
RippleTable runner by Anorina Morris
Pocketful of Subshine by Melissa Gottliebsen
Playful Penguins by Kristy Lea
Kaleidoscope by Lori Hartman
Gridlocked by Jane Kelly
X Marks the Spot by Leanne Parsons
Zip Pouch by Tricia Mathis
Peekaboo Bags by Lara Motta
A Different Drummer by Mary Menzer
When the Stars Go Blue by Julie Ryan
Backstreet by Kristy Daum
Bobble by Vicki Ruebel
Gemstone Cushions by Jane Kelly
Improv Medallion by Cass Madge
Jumping Framed Squares by Anita LaHay
Moon on Their Wings by Jenn Nevitt
Rainy Days Cushion by Kristy Lea
Reversible Doll Quilt by Tricia Mathis
Ampersand Cushion by Rose Johnston
Embroidery Sampler by Tricia Mathis
Geometric Spools by Kristy Lea
Jelly Baby by Alyce Blyth
Kitty Maze by Bec Proschogo
Locked in Spots by Diane Bohn
Modern Elephant by Sasha Lowry
Mountain Tops by Jenn Nevitt
Ocean Bricks by Cheryl Brickey
Rainbow Flying Fish by Lisa Chambers
Rainbow Ripple by Leanne Parsons
Rainbow Swirl by Seder Imer
Woven Ribbons by Christa Watson
Disappearing Nine by Alyce Blyth
Giant Tumbler by Diane Banks
Star Drop Cushion by Kristy Lea
Transitions by Stephanie Palmer
Hexagon Pouch by Mara Jean Capron
Flirty Skirt by Tricia Mathis
Mini Teardrops by Vicki Reubel
Forging Steel by Heather Seminelli
Ouch First Aid Kit by Lara Motta
Lightning Pouch by Stacey O'Malley
Fly Away by Keera Job
A+ Journal Covers by Lori J Miller
Chevron Quilt by Mower & Cottongim
Hexie Key Fob by Jessica Vetor
Vintage Ways by Amy Garro
Unlocked by Kitty Wilkin
Laptop Bag by Lisa Chambers
Sunny Disposition by Barbara Ramirez
Butterfly Bag by Tricia Mathis
Kaleidoscope Sampler by Lori Hartman
Leafy Pouch by Emily Lang
Sunburst Squares by Bec Proschogo
Through Prism by Melissa Dunworth
Denim Cathedral Window by Lara Motta
Colour Boxes by Sue Abrey
Scrappy Star by Sonia Spence
Love Song by Jane Kelly
Seeing Stars by Amber Johnson
QAYG by Tricia Manthis
Pipi by Rachel McCormack
Mod Selvedge by Lori Miller
Changing Tides by Lori Hartman
Gadget Cover by Alex Bluebird Fabric
Comfort Quilt by Kelly Elliott
Pipi by Rachel McCormack
Intersections by Kristi McDonough
Schnibbles by Carlie Lincoln
Glowstick by Cristy Fincher
Imogen by Sarah Boyle
Geo Sewing Machine by Kristy Lea
Georgia Jane by Jane Kelly
Sultan by Casey York
Ripple by Amanda Castor
Asterisk cushion by Brooke & Jane
Flower Box cushion by Leanne Parsons
Geometric Kitty by Jane & Kristy
Flex Frame Pouch by Nicole Young
Unicorn Pixel by A Nardi & N Greczyn
Crackle by Amy Garro
HST by Christa Watson
Warm Cool by Sandi Hazlewood
iMac Cover by Jane Davidson
Strippy Messenger Bag by Jane Kelly
Lost in London by Ruth Bourke
Squared Away by Heather Seminelli
Under Nordic Sky by Shannon Mower
Interlocked by Kristy Lea
Candy Dash by Adrianne Reid
Luggage Tags by Kristy Lea & Kids
Radiant by Lori Hartman
Aussie Animals by Casey York
Camera Strap by Stephanie Kendron
Ellie's Elephants by Tricia Manthis
#emphasis by Caroline Press
Shoo Fly Food Covers by Lara Motta
Yesterday by Cheryl Brickey
Sidewalk Cafe by Soma Acharya
To Scale by Jane Kelly
Bricks and Stones by Jessica Vetor
Rainbow Cross by Sandi Hazlewood
Shards by Alyce Blyth
Coasting Along by Jera Brandvig
Centre of Universe by Angie Wilson
Timeline by Jane Kelly
Not So Contrary Wife - Kelly Gleeson
Subdivision by Kathy Thorncraft
Library Bags by Brooke
Shooting Stars by Kristy Lea
Wonky Dresden by Louise Orth
Square in There by Erin McPartland
Space Invaders by Sarah Boyle
NYE by Alyssa Long
Pike's Peak by Cheryl Brickey
Celestial by Cornelia Pramendorfer
Ticker Tape Placemats by Little MMer
Vice Versa by Susan Bolte
Fly By Night by Kristy Lea
Lovely Awful by Carrie Bloomstom
Purple Diamond Stars by Jane Kelly
Pretty Pink Skull by Andi Herman
Indigo Star by Kelly Liddle
Tagalong Pouch by Heidi Staples
Got Away by Christopher Thompson
Come Hither by Rose Johnston
Aurora Sampler by Alyce Blyth
Betty Hearts Fabric by Kristy Lea
Pavement Puddles by M Gottliebsen
Hexie pincushion by Lara Motta
Trip Around Universe - MolliSparkles
Frozen Blooms by Kelly Elliott
Eat Your Words by Cat&Vee
Bright Side Moon by Jane Kelly
Puzzled by Juliet van der Heijden
Storybook by Ruth Bourke
Pretty Petals by Anorina Morris
Easy As Pie by Gina Ferraro
Circlet by Serena Edwards
Simple Nine-Patch by Brooke

Each issue of Make Modern magazine contains up to 14 full modern quilt patterns, including all the required templates and pattern pieces. Our modern quilt pattern measurements are in inches and yards. We work with a huge team of contemporary quilt designers from around the world to bring you the best modern quilt patterns. Over the years we have published over 350 modern quilt patterns – including modern baby quilt patterns, Christmas quilt patterns, charm pack quilt patterns, star quilt patterns, contemporary quilt patterns, and lots of easy modern quilt patterns, perfect for beginner quilters. We have modern quilt ideas to suit everyone. Come and have a look at our pattern gallery and be inspired by our modern quilt designs. Start with one of our simple modern quilts and get your quilt inspiration fill with Make Modern.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our readers say about Make Modern:

"Opening each new issue is like giving yourself a modern, quilted gamut of color burst imagination. Can't recommend it enough!" - Connie

"...beautiful magazine with excellent articles and easy to follow patterns to make amazing quilts." - Kelly

"Fabulous fresh magazine for quilters at all stages." - Katrina

"provides quilt inspiration as well as practical tips to make my quilts better..." - Karen

"Great patterns for the modern quilter." - Judy

"Each Make Modern Magazine is a beautiful example of modern quilting. I look forward to each one!" - Sarah

"Make Modern is like a breathe of fresh air. The beautiful photos make me want to make all the projects in each issue." - Laura

"There are so many different types of projects in Make Modern Magazine whether it be cushions, wall hangings or quilts and there are many interesting and informative articles." - Jill

"Make Modern inspires me. I learn something in each issue. It is my must read when it arrives." - Brenda