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I'm so glad you've come to find out more about our magazine - welcome! I was so excited to be interviewed by Karen Brown from Just Get It Done Quilts and get the opportunity to share Make Modern with a whole new community of quilters. I would love you grab a discounted copy of Issue 41 and see everything there is to love about our magazine for yourself. 

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Lara, Kristy, Jane & Nic

We interviewed Karen from Just Get It Done Quilts in Make Modern Issue 34. Here's a snippet:

Karen is the enthusiastic and encouraging personality behind the successful YouTube channel, Just Get It Done Quilts, which focuses on supporting quilters with faster, simpler methods for getting those projects finished – a goal we can all get behind!


Karen first learned to sew in school – “I am from the generation that had home economics in school,” she says. Then, about 15 years ago, she took up quilting as a hobby for herself. “I found myself stressed out at work, my teenagers were ignoring me and doing their own thing, and I really needed something to fill my bucket,” she says of the decision to take up quilting. She took a really basic quilt class and brushed off those school sewing skills. “But I was sewing alone and making it up as I went along.” Karen knew sewing alone wasn’t going to cut it for her, so she went in search of a quilting community. “I struggled until I joined a stitch ‘n’ chat group with my cousin. She lived 90 minutes away but it was worth the drive, I met some amazing women and I was exposed to some very beautiful quilts,” she says.


“And with this new comfort level, I dived into my first sampler quilt. When I finished this quilt top, I was sick of looking at the fabric. I thought that if I sewed all the fabric scraps together, I might have enough to cover the back. I nicknamed it my Afterquilt. The improv experience made me realise that I was a more modern quilter than my new sewing friends,” she says of her early quilting days.


With that, she delved into the world of modern quilting. “I joined the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild and have never looked back. I have two QuiltCons under my belt, and my TMQG friends are some of my favourite people. I Iove the energy, perspective and talent that new members bring to the room,” she says of her MQG community experiences.

Since then, she’s become a prolific quilter, with over 100 modern quilts under her belt. “Most of my quilts have been charity quilts. I find them fast and easy to test out an idea or use up fabric. I have one family member without a quilt and I am starting that next,” she says. For Karen, her quilting trajectory changed quite by accident, as is often the case, and she went from making quilts to becoming the host of her own YouTube channel. For Karen, the focus of her channel is to encourage quilters to get quilting and to share what she’s learned in her own quilting journey. Whether that means trying fast beginner-friendly projects or finding effective ways to use the scraps, the central message is encouraging confident quilters. She backs up her YouTube with a website that includes a blog and free patterns for some of her projects.

Read our full interview in Make Modern Issue 34 and find Karen Brown at Just Get It Done Quilts or on socials as @justgetitdonequilts

Karen is a quilter, crafter, mother, wife, daughter and businesswoman living in Toronto, Canada.

Visit https://www.justgetitdonequilts.com/ to find her YouTube and website.