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If you’ve been reading MM for any length of time, you’ll know we’re super passionate about creativity. Creative pursuits are extremely important in living a well-rounded life, as important as things like exercising or reading to our well-being. Yet many people ignore their creative potential and never get to experience the thrill of making things for themselves and learning new skills. If we had a dollar for every time someone said: ‘I’m not creative like you’, or ‘I don’t have time for it’ – let’s just say we would have plenty of spending money for my fabric buying habit. But the reality is that creativity can be learned (and comes from practice), and time can be found, if you really want to make it a priority. When regular contributor Vicki Holloway approached us about an article on how to develop a quilting system that would help you get sewing happening in small bursts of time, we were all over it! Before you go back to Instagram or Netflix, take a few minutes to read her article, and then start planning where you can fit more quilting in. You’ll thank us, we promise.


Also in Issue 25, we MEET makers Elizabeth Hartman and her adorable whimsical patterns ranging from unicorns, to sausage dogs, to a whole forest of animal friends, Tiffany Horn from Village Bound Quilts, a self-taught quilter who loves modern quilts with a vintage twist, and Brooke Osborne from Oh Sew Brooke, a quilter who took a 14 year hiatus to explore knitting! We MAKE a start on our new Medley Medallion sampler quilt, a quilty periodic table to appease our inner geek, starry quilts, paper pieced quilts, and cushions! And we MOTIVATE you to try adding some text to your quilts with a whole gallery of inspiring ways to let your quilts do the talking, with a mini quilt pattern to get you started. ❤︎ To motivate you further, our quilt business expert Angie recommends her top four podcasts for creative entrepreneurs, our math expert Alyce shares her tips for making economy blocks of all sizes, our Rockstar quilter HollyAnne teaches us how to learn new quilting motifs by doodling, and our agony aunt Molli Sparkles gives us the giggles with his answers to reader questions about rulers, works in progress and quilt labels. With 13 quilty articles and 13 inspiring modern patterns, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our twenty-fifth issue!

  • Flock of Stars Quilt by Tiffany Horn (cover)

  • Hexametric Quilt by Katy Devlin

  • Forest Friendship Baby Quilt by Erin Young

  • Bush Gum Blossoms Cushion by Kristy Lea

  • Coastal Breeze Quilt by Kelli Marshall

  • Hide and Seek Quilt by Alyce Blyth

  • Tic Tac Tango Quilt by Velda Roy

  • Quilty Periodic Table Mini Quilt by Brooke Osborne

  • Makes You Happy Mini Quilt by Sam Hunter

  • Happy Hour Mini Quilt by Vicki Holloway

  • Rising Star Quilt by Lissa LaGreca

  • Starburst Quilt by Moira Carvalho

  • Medley Medallion Sampler Quilt Part 1 by Cathy Victor

Feature Articles 
  • Quilts on the Catwalk

  • Developing a Quilting System by Vicki Holloway

  • Gallery: Fontastic! Using Text in Quilts

  • Meet the Maker: Elizabeth Hartman

  • Meet the Maker: Tiffany Horn from Village Bound Quilts

  • Meet the Maker: Brooke Osborne from Oh Sew Brooke

  • Quilt Like a Rock Star by HollyAnne Knight: FMQ – learn new quilting motifs by doodling

  • Maths + Methods by Alyce Blyth: The Quilting Economy

  • The Hustle by Angie Wilson: Podcasts

  • Agony Aunt Molli Sparkles with Sparkle Like You Mean It

  • Ask the Makers: What is your favourite quilting technique?

  • Quilt Group Profile: Winchester Modern Quilters, Virginia, USA

  • Library: Zakka Home by Seder Imer, Quilt Big by Jemima Flendt, Pin Pals by Carrie Nelson, and Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in America by Kaffe Fassett

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Make Modern is a digital magazine produced in Australia by a small team of passionate modern quilters with creative collaborators from all over the world.

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