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Let's talk about fabric. It's no lie that in the MM offices, we frequently have conversations about our fabric stashes. Sometimes it's guilt over how much there is. Other times, it's along the lines of needing that new fabric collection, STAT. Or it might be pondering how to tame that ever-growing collection of scraps (which breed on their own, I swear!). Sometimes the word 'stash' has negative connotations and feelings of guilt, like your fabric collection is something that should be squirreled away, hidden from view. Which is perfectly feasible if you're talking about protecting it from light and bugs, but not if you're talking about hiding it from your family and friends. Personally, I think the most important thing when it comes to your fabric collection is honesty and being true to yourself and your style of quilting. Keyword: yourself! Not what your partner thinks is a reasonable amount of fabric, or what everyone else is buying. For me, that means no shame that there are plenty of boxes of fabric tucked up on my shelves just waiting for the perfect project. In Issue 23, we continue the fabric discussion, with tips and tricks for how to shop your own stash and we ask our makers - which comes first, pattern or fabric? We MEET Aussie quilter Colby Radcliffe from The Authentic Stitch who shows us her spectacular bias applique quilts and EPP work, the very awesome Robyn Shapiro from The Strawberry Thief, the Australian distributor for Liberty of London fabrics, and author and designer, Jenifer Dick from We MAKE abstract, geometric and pixel quilts. And we MOTIVATE you to sew your stash and save the planet with a wealth of DIY projects and ideas to make eco-friendly gifts and things to help you reduce plastic waste in your home. ❤︎ Our math expert Alyce helps us with how to slice and dice your layer cakes to perfection and for those of you in the quilt business, our resident The Hustle columnist Angie chats about how important it is to diversify your business in order to ride out the storm that currently seems to be hitting our quilt world. And just for fun, we bring you an entire gallery of pets on quilts - because who doesn't love a cute pic of our four-legged friends sitting on quilts! All this, plus 12 stunning modern quilt projects is bound to get you rearing to sew!

  • Mosaic Quilt by Sarah Scott (cover)

  • Desert Angles Quilt by Paige Anderson

  • Pink Hearts Table Runner by Monika Henry

  • Ruins Quilt by Kelsey Evans

  • Bifold Mini Needlebook by Lesley Chaisson

  • Emma Kate Quilt by Susan Smith

  • Harlequin Twist Quilt by Cathy Victor

  • Heart of the Home Quilt by Robyn Shapiro

  • Cross Stitch Heart Quilt by Leanne Parsons

  • Round Trip Quilt by Lucy Gamber

  • Sequence Quilt by Patty Dudek

  • Mini Wonders Sampler 5 by Sheila Christensen

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Feature Articles 
  • Fabric Pulling Tips

  • Eco Friendly Sewing

  • Birthstone Series by MJ Kinman

  • Gallery: Pets on Quilts

  • Meet the Maker: Colby Radcliffe from The Authentic Stitch

  • Meet the Maker: Robyn Shapiro from The Strawberry Thief

  • Meet the Maker: Jenifer Dick from

  • Maths + Methods by Alyce Blyth: The Layer Cake Cook Book

  • The Hustle by Angie Wilson: Diversify

  • Our resident Agony Aunt Molli Sparkles with Sparkle Like You Mean It

  • Ask the Makers: Which comes first - fabric or pattern?

  • Quilt Group Profile: Italian Modern Quilt Guild

  • Library: Stitch & Sew by Aneela Hoey, and You and Your Sewing Machine by Bernie Tobisch

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