Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. When is the next issue of Make Modern due?
    Make Modern is a digital magazine published every two months (see our calendar for dates).

  2. Where can I buy Make Modern?
    Make Modern is a digital magazine. You can buy single issuesbundles of issues, and subscriptions. Make Modern is not available in print form from any newsagents or quilt stores. 

  3. I've never purchased a digital magazine. How will it be delivered?
    Immediately after you buy an issue or subscribe, you will receive an email from with your unique link to download your PDF copy and read it anywhere - on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Print pages as you want. If you have an active subscription, you can download your issues as many times as you like. If you have purchased a single issue, or bundle of issues, you can download your copies FIVE times only. To ensure that you can always access your purchased copies, you should download and save each issue to your preferred device following the instructions above. 

  4. How do I save a copy of Make Modern onto my iPad or computer?
    To save Make Modern to your iPad or iPhone, download the issue, then click on the top right hand corner and ‘save to iBooks’ or your preferred app for reading PDFs. To save Make Modern to your computer, download the issue, click ‘File’, then ‘Save’. This will save a copy to your Downloads folder, which you can then move to your preferred folder. You may also print a copy if you wish. You will not be able to 'save as' due to copyright restrictions. We recommend saving a backup copy of your Make Modern magazine to a USB or online storage system, such as Dropbox. 

  5. Can I submit a pattern or article to Make Modern?
    We welcome contributions. Please see our submissions page for details.

  6. Can I advertise in Make Modern? 
    Make Modern offers very competitive advertising rates and discounts for multiple bookings. Please see our advertising page for details. 

  7. I saw a pattern in Make Modern, but I can't remember which issue it is from. How can I find the pattern?
    Easy! We have a pattern gallery which contains a photo of every pattern published in Make Modern. Scroll through the images and click to see which issue it was featured in. 

  8. Can I gift Make Modern to a friend?
    Yes! To gift an issue, add your chosen issue to your cart then follow the instructions during checkout to gift your order. You can include a personalised message and select the date you would like your gift to be delivered. To gift a subscription, sign up to your chosen subscription then forward your order confirmation email to Include your friend's name and email address. Once we have updated the details, your friend will receive an email containing their download link. 

  9. I have a subscription but can't find my link. How do I access my issues of Make Modern?
    Immediately after you subscribe you should receive an email (from with your download link. If you paid with PayPal, this link will be sent to your PayPal email. If you do not receive your email, check your junk box, ensure the payment has been processed and click here to resend the email. If you still cannot find your link, email Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply.

  10. How do I update my subscription email or payment details? 
    To update your credit/debit card details, click on the 'manage your payments' link in the window at the top of your download link. If you would like to change the email address associated with your Make Modern subscription, please email

  11. How do I cancel my subscription? 
    Make Modern subscriptions automatically renew every six or twelve months. You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time by clicking on the 'manage your payments' link in the window at the top of your download link.

  12. Can I get a refund?
    Make Modern is a digital magazine and cannot be returned. However, there are some instances where we offer a refund. We understand that sometimes life happens and you may have forgotten to cancel your subscription before it automatically renewed. Customers who request that their subscription be cancelled and refunded within 30 days of renewal and who have not downloaded any new issues of Make Modern since the payment was processed will be issued a refund, minus the Gateway fees (PayPal, Stripe, or bank charges). Customers may receive a refund or be allowed to exchange their digital product within 10 days of purchase if they have found it to be unsuitable, or been unable to access their download. If this has happened to you, please send us an email requesting a cancellation/refund/exchange. Please allow 2-3 business days for refunds to process.