Contribute to Make Modern

​Make Modern is Australia's only dedicated modern quilt magazine. Our magazine is published bi-monthly in collaboration with a huge team of quilt designers from around the globe. If you would like to join our team of fabulous makers, you've come to the right place. Please read our guidelines carefully before submitting your pattern or article idea. 

A note for first timers: We welcome you with open arms. If you've got a pattern that fits our style, or an article idea and a writing style we love, it doesn't matter to us how big your social media following is, or if you've never published before, we want you!

Pattern Submissions

​We're so glad you're considering submitting a project to Make Modern! Please read our guidelines carefully before submitting your idea. If you have a question, please email Kristy. 

A note from June 2022: We love seeing your beautiful designs and are happy to consider them as submissions for future issues of Make Modern. However, please note that we are currently scheduling projects for 2023. You are still very welcome to continue to submit projects for consideration but please be aware that it may be quite a long wait for publication. If we are unable to schedule your project, please know that it has no reflection on your work and creativity. We look forward to talking project submissions with you!  


What type of projects are we looking for?

We are looking for quilt patterns and sewing projects (cushions, bags, pouches, home decor items) that suit our modern aesthetic. Peruse our Pattern Gallery and read an issue of our magazine to get a taste of our style. Submissions must be your own original work. While we appreciate that there are only so many ways to piece a quilt or construct a block, we cannot knowingly publish anything that is too similar to another designer's work. Projects must be original. We don’t mind if you have shared photos on your social media, with your quilt group, or exhibited in a show, as long as you have not already published a tutorial or pattern of your project.

Who owns the work?

You retain all rights to your work. However, we ask that you do not offer your pattern for sale (or for free) while the issue is current - from the publication date, until the next issue is published two months later. We may include your project in future compilations, but we will never publish it as a standalone pattern.


What are our payment rates?

You will receive a monetary payment for your project after the issue has been published, as well as a free digital copy of that issue. Alongside your pattern, we will also include a brief blurb about you, a photo, and your social media and website details with hotlinks for promotion.


2022 payment rates:

  • Small project (cushions, bags, pincushions, mini quilts smaller than 30"): $200

  • Small quilt (30 to 50" square): $275

  • Large quilt (bigger than 50"): $325​

Please note: Payment is in Australian dollars (AUD) but can be converted in PayPal to your local currency. Rates are inclusive of GST/local taxes. Unless a prior request is approved, payment will be made to your PayPal account.

​When will my pattern be published?

If your project is selected, we will work with you to determine a suitable date. We are unable to accept requests for specific issuesWe will advise you of the issue publication date and corresponding contributor's deadline. This is the date that we require you to submit your final project instructions and photos. If something should occur and you are no longer able to work towards that date, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your project. See our calendar for dates. You are welcome to submit ideas at any time as we work on multiple issues and projects are often scheduled well in advance (up to six months ahead). We don’t generally have themed issues, so projects may be shifted around to suit. We reserve the right to move your project to a later issue, but we will notify you if this needs to occur.

I've had my pattern idea accepted, now what?

Please refer to the following list before you submit your project. You may like to print this list and tick each section off as you go.

  1. Mark your Contributor's Deadline in your diary. This is the date you will need to submit your final project instructions and photos.

  2. Write your pattern. We require clear, concise step-by-step instructions for your project. Download the Pattern Template and use it to fill in your instructions. There is no need to add formatting, just a simple word document is best. Please do not insert pictures into the document. We have basic instructions included for techniques such as basting and binding so don't include these unless you wish to showcase your method. We may change the wording of instructions to suit the style of our magazine.

  3. Take your photos. Contributors are required to submit their own project photos. Please don't send us your quilt. See our  Quilt Photography Hints & Tips page. We require a minimum of four photos of your finished project in high res (full sized), with at least one portrait style photo for your project pattern cover (inside the magazine). Please include photos of the finished project and close ups of special techniques or key areas. If you need to include step-by-step photos of parts of your project, please take them on a light-coloured background (e.g. white cardboard, not your cutting mat). 

  4. Create digital diagrams (if required). Please label your diagrams “diagram 1”, “diagram 2” with direct reference to these in your instructions. These should be submitted as .jpg or .png files.

  5. Create templates (if required). Should your pattern require applique or foundation piecing templates, please ensure these fit on a 7 ¾” x 10” page for easy printing. Please ensure a ¼” seam allowance is included. A 1" test block is a useful addition as printers can be inaccurate. Please also include a diagram on how the block is assembled. These should be submitted as .pdf files.

  6. Take a good headshot of yourself. A photo of you standing in front of a finished quilt, holding a quilt or sitting at your sewing machine works really well. 

  7. Write a one to two sentence blurb about yourself, and add your social media details.

  8. Submit your finished project files.


Article Submissions


​While most of our features and profiles are written in-house, we welcome your thoughts and ideas. If you have any favourite quilters you think we should profile, or discover an amazing new pattern designer or fabric designer you think we need to know about (including yourself, blow your own horn!), please let us know.


If you have any pressing (ha ha) questions about the quilting world, ask us – it may be the start of a fabulous article. If there’s something you want to learn more about, chances are other people are curious too. Or perhaps you have an idea for an article that you would like to write. Get in contact with us and let’s talk!


What will I get?

If you write an article, you will receive a monetary payment after the issue has been published, as well as a free digital copy of that issue. Our 2022 payment rate for a feature article is $200. Payment is in Australian dollars (AUD) and inclusive of GST/local taxes. Feature articles should be approximately 1000 words and include 4-6 accompanying photographs. Please note: If you send an article suggestion for us to write, there is no payment but you may receive a free digital copy of the issue that contains your suggested article.

Email our Editor Jane to discuss your article idea.