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​Make Modern is a digital modern quilt magazine produced by a small team of passionate modern quilters in Australia, in collaboration with a huge team of talented quilt designers from all over the globe who contribute patterns and articles to each issue. In a little over five years, our magazine has grown from a dream in 2014, to delivering to thousands of quilters in over 67 countries and we are so proud!

​Make Modern is available from our online shop. We are exclusively digital because it's more accessible, so whether you're in a neighbouring suburb in Australia, or across the globe, you'll be able to read our magazine in the comfort of your own home; it's more sustainable, think of all those happy trees; it takes up no physical space which means more room for storing fabric; and it's less expensive, leaving you with more dollars in your pocket to spend on....fabric?!

How can you be part of the Make Modern community? Tell us what you want to see more of. Share your makes with #makemodern! Introduce us to your fave quilters and designers. Show us your craft rooms. Submit patterns or article ideas. We want to be your magazine! 


Mama to three teens, two cats and two dogs, Jane has been quilting over half her life. She prefers machine piecing, especially improv and FMQ, and has a soft spot for blenders in every colour! If she’s not quilting you’ll find her reading, listening to music or scrapbooking. Jane lives on the beautiful Australian east coast but is working on seeing more of the countryside in her new caravan.


Jane Kelly

Mama to two tiny tots, Lara started quilting as a crafty outlet from her previous day job as a scientist. While quilting is Lara’s only crafty hobby, her drive to live sustainably is a lifestyle on its own. She loves doing things that force her to slow down - hand quilting, mending clothing, baking sourdough, stopping to smell the flowers, or chatting to neighbours in her little community in the Adelaide Hills. 

Business Manager

Lara motta

Kristy is a mama, designer and rainbow lover. While she loves quilting of all types, foundation paper piecing is her favourite technique. When she’s not designing new patterns or sewing something (likely rainbow!), she’s spending time with her two kidlets and hunting for the next show to binge watch.

Creative Director

kristy lea

Nic joined the team in early 2019 taking on Make Modern’s Social Media. She has been quilting for about 15 years and has discovered that hand piecing is her jam, but don’t talk about her unfinished WIP’s! Scrappy quilting is also close to her heart, the more prints the merrier and solids scare the heck out of her #kiddingnotkidding! She lives in Perth, Australia with her partner and four fur kids.

Social Media Manager

nic vaughan

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Make Modern is a digital magazine produced in Australia by a small team of passionate modern quilters with creative collaborators from all over the world.

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