Issue 1

Issue 1

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*Price in AUD converted to your currency. Payment by PayPal or credit/debit card. Make Modern is a digital modern quilt magazine available worldwide. After checkout you will be able to immediately download the PDF to your computer, tablet or smartphone and print pattern pages as you require.

Welcome to the very first issue of Make Modern - Australia’s only dedicated modern quilting magazine. As you read the magazine, you’ll discover we don’t take ourselves too seriously, though we take our craft very seriously. While we’re happy to stretch boundaries and bend the rules, we are all about doing your best work and growing as quilters. We believe that as artists none of us ever stop growing, and you’re never too old or too experienced to learn a new skill. In each issue you will find a variety of projects that appeal to the modern aesthetic, using different techniques and catering to different skill levels. You will also find an interesting mix of articles in every issue. If you’re anything like us (and we suspect you are), you’ll appreciate meeting new quilters and bloggers, peaking into other people’s stash cupboards, hearing more about the latest trends and learning new skills. We hope you enjoy this first issue of Make Modern as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Another issue jam-packed with modern quilt patterns suitable for beginner quilters to advanced, and articles about modern quilting guaranteed to make you smile, inspire you to quilt outside your comfort zone, and start making modern quilts today. Our beautiful patchwork magazine is published independently by our small team of Aussie quilters, and priced at just AU$8 (approx. US$5, CA$7, €5 or £4), so you don't have to miss out! 


  • Circlet Quilt by Serena Edwards

  • Pavement Puddles Quilt by Melissa Gottliebsen (cover)

  • Pretty Petals Cushion by Anorina Morris

  • Eat Your Words Placemats by Cat&Vee

  • Bright Side of the Moon Selvedge Quilt by Jane Kelly

  • Hexie Pincushion by Lara Motta

  • Easy As Pie Kitchen Set by Gina Ferraro

  • Frozen Blooms Quilt by Kelly Elliott

  • Trip Around the Universe Cushions by Molli Sparkles

  • Puzzled Table Runner by Juliet van der Heijden

  • Storybook Quilt by Ruth Bourke

  • Betty Hearts Fabric Mini Quilt by Kristy Lea

  • Aurora Sampler I by Alyce Blyth

  • Sewing with Kids: Simple Nine-Patch Quilt by Brooke & Lily


  • Stash Happens: Building & maintaining a workable fabric stash

  • Instagram for Quilters: A what, why and how guide

  • Memory Cats

  • Finding the Right Longarmer (yes, it's like dating!)

  • Gallery: Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

  • Meet the Maker: Catherine Demack & Vanita Snell from Cat&Vee

  • Meet the Maker: Alyce Blyth from Blossom Heart Quilts

  • Maths + Methods by Alyce Blyth: Upsize Downsize - Resize any quilt block

  • Domestic Quilting Goddess Melissa Gottliebsen: Straight Lines - An introduction to SLQ

  • Ask the Makers: What's your favourite quilt tool?

  • Library: Fun-Size Quilts by 17 Popular Designers, Sew Cute to Carry by Melanie McNeice, and Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern by Jera Branvig

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Make Modern is a digital magazine produced in Australia by a small team of passionate modern quilters with creative collaborators from all over the world.

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